The Final Report of the Bruny Life Community Survey (including recommended actions) can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below: 

Final Report - Bruny Life Community Survey

(PDF Document - 20 pages - 4MB)

Appendix A to Final Report - Respondent Comments (PDF Document - 146 pages - 1.8MB)

See also a slideshow on the results Bruny Life Community Survey.  The slideshow has 38 slides in total. Slides 1-11 provide background on the survey process.   Slides 12-20 provide a summary of the survey results. Slides 21-22 provide an overview of proposed actions in response to the survey. And Slides 23-38 provide detailed results for each survey question. 


The slideshow was presented at a community meeting held on Bruny Island on 5 May.  Below the presentation, on this page, are links to documents that helped inform the structure of the Bruny Life Community Survey and the overall study process.  Please be aware that most of these documents are subject to the copyright conditions of the author.  Bruny Life does not endorse any particular views expressed in a document and cannot guarantee that specific information in a document is accurate. Some documents are only available on the desktop version of this site.

Documents produced by this 'Bruny Life' study 

2018 State Election - First Preference Votes at Bruny Island Polling Places 

Overview of 10 Domains of Liveability used in  Bruny Life - Community Survey Questions

List of previous studies about Bruny Island - as at 4 December 2017 

Water usage at TasWater facility at Adventure Bay July 2015 to October 2017

Letter to Local Organisations inviting submissions to 'Bruny Life' (2017)

Sample Cover and Intro Pages of Bruny Life Community Survey 

Brief analysis of property ownership on Bruny from mailing addresses of rates notices

Snapshot of 2016 Census Data about Bruny (2017)

Snapshot and comparison of increase in visitation - Bruny and other locations (2019)

Count of Vehicles arriving on Bruny Island - 2016 and 2017 calendar years (2018)

Article in the 'Bruny News' (December 2017)

Presentation about 'Bruny Life' Liveability Assessment and Consultation Process (3 Dec 2017)

2016 Census Data - Bruny Island

Adventure Bay 2016 Census Community Profile

Alonnah 2016 Census Community Profile

Apollo Bay 2016 Census Community Profile

Barnes Bay 2016 Census Community Profile

Dennes Pt 2016 Census Community Profile

Great Bay 2016 Census Community Profile

Lunawanna 2016 Census Community Profile

Simpsons Pt 2016 Census Community Profile

Nth Bruny 'Remainder' 2016 Census Community Profile

Sth Bruny 'Remainder' 2016 Census Community Profile

Bruny tourism-related plans and strategies

Bruny Island Placemaking - Key Findings  (2016)

Bruny Island Tourism Strategy (2017)

Bruny Island Destination Action Plan (2016)

Bruny Island Placemaking - Strategies (2016)

Community Perceptions of Tourism Impacts on Tasmanian Communities (2009)

Bruny Island Interpretation Plan (2008)

Other Bruny-related reports, papers, plans and strategies

Bruny Island Hazard Reduction and Risk Study (2016)

Growing Older on Bruny - Community Aged Living Report (2017)

North Bruny Future Directions Plan (2016)

Bruny on the Brink: Governance, Gentrification and Tourism on an Australian Island (2006)

Adventure Bay Foreshore Management Plan (2007)

South Bruny National Park Management Plan (2000)

Community Perceptions of Tourism: Bruny and Magnetic Islands (2010)

Visitor's Perceptions of Tourism Impacts: Bruny and Magnetic Islands (2013)

Islands on the Edge (PhD Thesis) (2008)