The Bruny Life Community Survey took place between 16 February and 16 April 2018. 


The response to the survey was extraordinary, with 691 responses received. 


Of these 691 responses, 497 are from residents and 194 from non-resident landowners.


To put this in context, the adult usual resident population of Bruny Island in the 2016 Census was approximately 715 people.  So the number of survey responses from residents is approximately two-thirds of the Census count of adults on Bruny.


Further, the responses from residents closely ‘match’ the Census data in relation to gender, age and location on Bruny – which means there is a very high level of confidence that the results of the survey are representative of the whole population.


Many thanks to everyone who gave up their spare time to contribute.  Every question answered (more than 56,000) and every comment provided (more than 85,000 words worth) are incorporated into the results, which will be progressively released from May 2018 on this website.


View a slideshow with the first set of results from the Bruny Life Community Survey here